Sizing and Dimension Policy

All dimensions given are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances.

The quoted dimensions of our paving ranges are those normally attained when the slabs are arranged correctly spaced.

Product Colour Variation

You will find tonal and colour variations are evident in all Stone Plus UK products and whilst the colours reproduced in this brochure are as accurate as photographic and printing processes allow, it is essential that your choice is made from actual materials at your local stockist.

This is particularly important when choosing Natural Stone products where considerable variation occurs. When using several packs, products from all the packs should be blended throughout the project to produce an acceptable overall natural appearance.


It should be appreciated that with all products, weathering and site conditions can cause shade variation to appear across the surface of individual paving units. This does not in any way affect the performance of the paving and any such variation will diminish over a period of time as the paving matures. Natural products are affected by the action of sunlight and rainfall over time. Natural stone may show brown colouration as its iron content oxidises.


We recommend the use of standard wet cement mortars for pointing although resin type jointing compounds can be used to speed the pointing process up.

Stone Plus UK cannot accept responsibility for any staining from the pointing methods used. If there are any imperfections in the joint or voids from the substrate it can allow water to sit in the joints and can lead to staining on the edge of the paving units which will prove unsightly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Pressure washers and chemical cleaners are not recommended for use on our paving and Stone Plus UK take no responsibility for any damage caused by their application. We recommend thoroughly wetting the paved area with lukewarm, soapy water, then brushing off with a stiff broom. Never use acid based cleaners.

Health and Safety

MIXING MORTAR: Dry or damp cement and wet concrete/mortar can cause irritation and burns to eyes and skin. Suitable eye protection and PVC gloves should be worn when handling these materials. If contact with skin does occur, wash off with plenty of water. If there is any contact with the eyes, irrigate with plenty of water. If irrigation/burning persists seek immediate medical attention.

Acid Based Cleaners

We recommend that only natural non acid based cleaner or alternatively, simply use warm water and washing up liquid. Alternatively, contact a specialist cleaning company that will advise you of the best option.

Manual Handling

Most of our products are heavy, please take appropriate handling precautions include wearing protective gloves and footwear and obtaining assistance when moving items weighing over 20kg.

NOTE: In the unfortunate but unlikely event of products reaching you in less than satisfactory condition, please notify the retailer immediately.


In an unlikely event of our products reaching you in a less than satisfactory condition, please notify your supplier within 2 hours from time of delivery. They will be happy to assist you and advise you of replacements etc.

Please note that if any products are knowingly laid with any defects apparent prior to laying then we reserve the right not to replace the product and will not accept any responsibility for costs incurred for relaying or rectifying of the problem.

Common Problems

Never lay a sandstone product on mortar dabs – always use a full mortar bed.


We recommend that you only use a solvent based sealer on any of our external sandstones. Water based products are not recommended for sealing external sandstones.